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Le Narval (Books)


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Robert Narval is a professional scuba diver. Adventures takes him on the Seven Seas, but also on land in short and effective stories. He faces modern Piracy , wreckers, looks for treasures, falls on some inevitables evil "backalives" works for a tyrannical boss and father. He looks like Corto Maltese and Bob Morane.
In the great desert of comics speaking of scuba diving (where distressing oases appear here and there) is a perfect read to address the issue lightly. Hopefully longer stories and more thorough in future deliveries.
Le Narval
Tome 01 - L'homme de fond
Tome 02 - Terrain vague

Scénario Olivier Supiot
Dessin Boris Beuzelin

Éditions Glénat
Collection : Treize étrange
48 pages
EAN/ISBN : 9782723471701
Prix: 9.90€